Music infuses life with meaning. It transcends time and space and plunges us into deep immersive flow states. While sounds evoke feelings, words allow us to express concepts and create connections within the world. Layering words over sounds is my favorite form of artistic expression. In the past, I would personalize this art taking both credit and critique for it. But what I have come to realize is that creativity comes from nowhere. When the stars align, these songs write themselves. Thus I serve only as a vessel for the message that wants to manifest. May what emerges be for the benefit of all beings, forever elevating consciousness.

Please Love Yourself Prod. by Omito Beats

“Please Love Yourself” ❤️ is the first official release from NYC based artist Artem Zen.The song touches…

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Woke Up Rich Prod. by Young Taylor

“Woke Up Rich” is the second official release from NYC based artist Artem Zen. The song illuminates the…

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