Elevating Consciousness

Get the top insights into the mind.

Elevating Consciousness

Get the top insights into the mind.

About Artem Zen


About Artem Zen


Gassho, I’m Artem Zen. I am an artist, writer, and educator.

Some years back I experienced an existential crisis that propelled me on a journey of self-discovery.

Through deep inner work, I was blessed to experience several mystical experiences that forever changed my understanding of myself and reality.

These experiences motivated me to deepen my meditation practice in order to awaken to the highest potential of being.

Today I’m on a mission to elevate consciousness — inspiring others to expand their self-identity and discover deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness.


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Susanne Cook-Greuter – The Stages of Human Development

Susanne Cook-Greuter – The Stages of Human Development

Susanne Cook-Greuter is an internationally known expert in adult development and self-actualization. She received her doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard. Her groundbreaking work with Ego development...

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Chris Niebauer – Why the Ego is an Illusion

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Daniel Ingram – Integrating Spirituality

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