Woke Up Rich Prod. by Young Taylor

“Woke Up Rich” is the second official release from NYC based artist Artem Zen. The song illuminates the fact that true happiness is never a product of anything outside us.

We continue to dig external gold mines that can never fill our internal void.

No amount of recognition or material riches can reverse our spiritual poverty.

Our society believes that once we become “successful” we will become happy. But it is only when we become happy that we become successful.

You cannot be rich if you are broke inside. True wealth is realizing that we are emanating from a source of infinite abundance.

It is realizing that you have everything you need within you and that there is enough for everyone.

It is recognizing that you are rich even during poor circumstances.

And remaining centered through both ups and downs. We can never own anything and we can never lose anything.

At our core, we are that which always was and that which always will be.

We are infinitely abundant.