If you’re anything like me you’ve spent most of your life in pursuit of achievement.

You’ve emphasized, ambition, hard work, and self-reliance.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career or business.

And despite having attained a high level of conventional success, you find that something is missing.

You want to be more present today, but you’re perpetually planning tomorrow.

You want more connection in your relationships, but you aren’t sure how to create it.

You want internal fulfillment, but you’re stuck in a cycle of external achievement.

Whether this realization was triggered by the loss of a loved one, a health scare, an interpersonal conflict, a spiritual experience, or just excessive stress, something needs to change.

As I’ve learned on my journey the strategies that get us to conventional success never take us beyond it.

Our inability to disconnect from work actually diminish our creativity and effectiveness.

The linear logic we’re so accustomed to using doesn’t resolve issues in our relationships –it perpetuates them.

Our unwillingness to rely on others isolates us and prevents us from accessing valuable insights and opportunities.

These patterns of hyper-productivity, hyper-rationality, and hyper-individuality are built into the dominant culture and they keep us disconnected from what matters most.

I’ve spent the last decade exploring these dynamics, in an attempt to go beyond them.

I studied many wisdom traditions, therapeutic modalities and developmental theories.

I spent thousands of hours meditating and several years engaging in mindful relational practices.

I worked with many gifted spiritual teachers, shamans, therapists and coaches who helped me work through these stagnant patterns and discover more interconnected and wholesome ways of knowing and being.

Through this process I learned that at the heart of any transformation is a conscious container – an environment that provides optimal challenge and support.

This is the space my teachers have held for me and I’d be honored to hold such a space for you.

As a coach, I help high achievers go beyond conventional success and live more holistic, emotionally attuned, and interconnected lives.

Our sessions together can help you:

  • Become more present and self-aware
  • Better understand your emotions
  • Deepen connection in your relationships
  • Accomplish more while working less
  • Integrate spirituality into daily life
  • Find acceptance around uncertainty
  • Experience more joy and less stress

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