Artem Zen

Artem Zen

Hey there, I’m Artem Zen. I’m a developmental coach, writer, & entrepreneur with a passion for developing people and organizations, navigating complex interpersonal and business challenges, and creating cultures of well-being & effectiveness. 

Life has taken me down a winding path through various fields from rap, fitness, e-commerce, business, mental health, and human transformation. These different places taught me that at the heart of the human experience is our ability to love, grow, and accept. 

Some of my favorite things to do are:

  • Host the Elevating Consciousness podcast which brings listeners mind-expansive conversations with top voices in psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. 
  • Write Insighter – a publication that explores the theory and practice of human transformation through a post-conventional lens. 
  • Facilitate deep inner work that helps people get to the heart of what matters most. 
  • Wrestle with my two monkeys.

In a nutshell, my purpose is to create content and facilitate conversations that help others expand their self-identity and discover deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness.