Artem Zen

Gassho, I’m Artem Zen. I am an Artist, Writer, Mental Health Educator at Resilient Mind Psychotherapy and Host of the Elevating Consciousness Podcast. Some years back I experienced an existential crisis that propelled me on a path of self-discovery. On this journey, I was blessed to experience several mystical experiences that forever changed my understanding of myself and reality. These experiences motivated me to deepen my meditation practice in order to awaken to the highest potential of being. Today I’m on a mission to elevate consciousness — inspiring others to expand their self-identity and discover deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness. Every day I’m playing with paradox, right at the knife’s edge of psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy.

Some of the questions I am exploring are:

How does the human sense of identity evolve over a lifetime?

How can we facilitate and accelerate ego development so the greatest number of people can expand their capacity to hold a wide range of perspectives? 

What is the highest, most evolved, and integrated potential of consciousness?

How can we find sanity in an increasingly crazy world?  

What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

How can humanity overcome depression, addiction, and suicide?

What is happiness?

How can we use optimal conflict to find deeper levels of truth and understanding?

How do we live lives full of purpose and meaning?