Information has never been as abundant as it is today. This is both a blessing and a curse. We have unlimited resources but many of them are noise. There is no such thing as perfect sense-making but I strive to look at every piece of information through the question of “how can this help elevate consciousness?” Below are some of the most useful sites and links that I have found in the Psychospiritual space.

Rebel Wisdom is a media platform founded by BBC filmmaker and journalist David Fuller. Through their films and podcast, they explore some of the most important topics in today’s world such as sensemaking, polarization, and collective intelligence.

Dharmaoverground is a forum for those on the meditative/spiritual path looking to connect to other mediators. I first heard of it through the founder Daniel Ingram’s book “Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha” which I also highly recommend. The Meditative path can be frustrating so it helps to have a community for support. This is a great place to ask, questions, share insights, and compare notes.

Awakening from the meaning crisis is a powerful lecture series from professor John Vervake. In it, Vervake explores the current existential crisis and how we can transcend it. I am still working my way through the whole series but have found each lecture insightful.

Charles Eisenstein is a visionary author and speaker exploring topics such as the history of human civilization, economics, spirituality, and the ecology movement. His unique combination of intuition and intellect allows him to understand and articulate psychospiritual wisdom like few others. Charles’s work focuses on dispelling the myth of separation and creating a new story of us.

Deconstructing yourself with Michael Taft is one of the best podcasts for serious meditators. I love Michael Taft’s inquisitive nature and ability to probe his guests to go deeper. Don’t forget to check out his phenomenal nondual meditations on youtube.