Frank Yang – Art, Aesthetics & Awakening

Frank Yang is an artist, content creator, bodybuilder, and coach. He’s built an impressive following on youtube by creating provocative, grotesque, and visually alluring videos. His eccentric and bizarre style is also reflected in a wide-ranging portfolio of artwork including drawings, sculptures, and photography. These creative abilities don’t stop there as he is well-versed in playing the piano and violin. In recent years he has become most well-known for being open and outspoken about his spiritual attainments and his journey into awakening which he documents in mind-expansive videos and detailed writings. In this episode, we speak about Frank’s creative journey into awakening, structure vs spontaneity in meditation, the impact of awakening on sexual desire, pros and cons of being open about spiritual attainments, psychedelics, bodybuilding, and integrating awakening through traveling & being in the world.

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